paper; contrastingly, its beauty lightens from an artistic
acid free blend of Banana bunch stock fiber, injurious by-product of the Banana agro-industry, and urban post consumer paper.
It's about making natural banana fiber paper that respects our planet

TNF Ecopapers /
The Banana Paper Company

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Banana Paper Planta Ind. Eco Papers Banana Paper:

Ofibodegas del Oeste # 43
Radial Sta. Ana Belen, de la entrada a Holcim,
400 mts. al Oeste, San Jose, Costa Rica

P.O. Box: 1359 -1250 Escazu, San José, Costa Rica 10201

Phone:(506) 2239 5556 (if you are in USA, you have digit 011 first)
Fax: (506) 2228 8762 (if you are in USA, you have digit 011 first)

Distribuidor Exclusivo México

Samigaia, S.A. de C.V.
Privada del Sendero #337
Col. Palmas Diamante
Sn. Nicolás de los Garza
Nuevo León, México CP 66478

Tel. +52 (81) 1334.0871
Cel. 04481 2025.6789

Lic. Gabriela Palacios Macedo Torres
Directora General

Arq. Javier Fraustro Pérez
Director de Proyectos

Or if you prefer, please write us at: Mail:

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100% Tree Free
Do Not Cut Trees
Acid Free

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