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1. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Fauna Toads
2. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Fauna Monkey
3. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Fauna – 4 pack assorted designs (4 for the price of 3)
4. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Fauna Butterfly
5. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Smell the Flowers
6. Bananabook 8 x10.5" Kraft Smell the Flowers (CLON)

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» The Bananapapercompany » Bananabooks » Suntan Kraft Bananabook 8”x10,5” » Bananabook 8" x10.5" sun tan Kraft Fauna Blue Dolphin

  Bananabook 8" x10.5" sun tan Kraft Fauna Blue Dolphin
Bananabook 8" x10.5" sun tan Kraft Fauna Blue Dolphin
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Bananabook-Kraft Fauna Collection – Superb Dolphin
Let’s change together to a better way of life!


Hard Strong and pretty Yellow Kraft Carton portraits.
Water Based Inks and glues
Double O Metal Rings (not plastic)
80 count ruled acid free and tree free Banana Paper sheets,
75 grams,
2 subjects,
Paper bag divisor banana paper kraft bag
Size: 20.32 cm x 26.67 cm. (8” x 10.5”)
Grown in Costa Rica by TNF Ecopapers - The Banana Paper Company

Saving the Rain Forest One Notebook at a Time!

TNF EcoPapers - The Banana Paper Company

www. The Banana PAper Company. com

SKU 8064390 6720 7
Weight 0.43 kg
Price: $3.75


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